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Panel Assembly and Processing Machinery

Example machines: Automobile Headliners glueup, perforation, and heat forming; Automotive sound deadening panel cutting, stacking and gluing, Screenflex Portable Room Partitions ( and many more.

Automotive Component Assembly

Example Machines: Cruise Control assembly and testing machine, Door Handle mold unloading and assembly robotics, lock set assembly systems, fuel / gas door assembly, Torque converter testing and quality control station, connector and wiring loom assembly machines, to name a few.

Heat Staking, Ultrasonic Welding, and Resistance Welding Equipment

Examples: Small engine linkages, Dental floss threader assembly, Medical device joining, Electrical switch welding, and many others.

Electronic Device Assembly & Testing

Example Machines: Switch assembly, testing, resistance measurement and life testing equipment, Cell phone EMI containment machinery, cell phone antenna assembly and test, smoke detector testing, etc.

Collator and Binding Machinery

Example Machines: High speed coupon book collation and binding machinery. Stapling and Gluing of stacks of paper and other materials.

Compression Molding Machinery

Example Machines: Heated Polymer Seal production equipment, Thermoset molding preform puck making machines, Heated and cooled compression mold machines for water and specialty filter manufacture.

Control Systems and Programming Services

Features: Programmable Controllers (PLC), Motion Control (Servo Motors), Vision Systems, Robotic programming, Operator interface touch screens, Data logging, electrical design, programming services.
Example Machines: Dense Flow Conveying, Solid Rocket Fuel processing, Weighing, Assembly, Municipality water and waste treatment, warehouse and conveying systems, corrugated web processing, production machinery and many other applications.

Food Equipment

Example Machines: Boiled Egg Slicer wire winding machine, Prime Edge ( Involute Sharpening machines and grinding wheel sharpening machines.

Part Feeding Systems

Example Machines: Gear hobbing machine loaders, CNC machine feeding systems, insert molding loading robots.

Filter Inspection and Quality Control Machinery

Example Machines: Blood Filter inspection machine using machine vision to inspect for misformed filters and voids along molded edges. Filter flow tester to test flow rate, pressure drop, and leak detection. Laser cutting machine to cut filter elements and seal sides.

Assembly Fixtures

Example Machines: Door handle component assembly fixture, Gas door paint edge trimmer, Phone charger wiring fixture, Valve assembly nest, Poka-Yoke assembly systems, wiring loom insertion machine to put wire harness into a split loom, and Operator assist assemble and testing fixtures.

Automatic Assembly Machines

Features: Vibratory Bowl feeding (automatic part feeding), Automatic Part loading (pick and place), Rotary Indexing Dial Table, Walking Beam transport.
Example Machines: Conveyor Splice Assembly, Razor Assembly, Hypodermic Needle Assembly, Collating Machines, Switch Assembly and Testing.

Dental Care Products

Features: High Speed Continuous Assembly, Cam driven machinery, High speed vision inspection and sorting, electronic configuration.
Example Machines: Floss Threader assembly, tipping, and packaging, Proxa Brush Capping and packaging, High speed battery pin insertion.

Appliance Component Manufacturing

Features: Rotary indexing, Cutting and shearing, Part Press and forming, Part feeding, Resistance welding, Mechanical testing, and HiPot (Dielectric Strength) testing.
Example Machines: Cal Rod Assembly, Hydronic Heat Pump assembly and test, Washing Machine testing, and many others.

Hand Load Assembly Systems

Features: Rotary Indexing, Inline Indexing, Part Shuttle systems, Pneumatic Press, Ultrasonic welding, Flame deburring, Cognex Vision.
Example Machines: Head Light Bracket Assembly, Gas spout Assembly, Blow Mold drilling and trimming, Bedpan welding and trimming.

Sealing and Gluing

Features: Hot Melt Glue, Robotic Silicone placement, Metered sealant placement, Gantry Robotic Fabric Gluing.

Example Machines: AED Defibrillator Pad Assembly, Speaker Grill Assembly, Furniture Pad assembly, Box sealing, Fire stop lamination, Architectural panel fabric lamination.

Click here to watch video on laminator

Insert Molding

Features: Strip Feed, Pin Feed, Pin Pending, Pin Forming, Pin Insertion, Boat loading, Pallet loading, Continuity testing, Height Measurement, Continuity testing, Short Circuit testing, HiPot testing, Robotic loading, flow testing, leak testing.

Example Machines: Automotive connector manufacture, Computer hard drive head assembly, Windshield wiper motor housing over molding, Electronic jack molding, Medical cannula ferrule over molding, etc.

Laboratory and Testing

Features: Automated Pharmaceutical Assay processing, Micro Dimensional Measurement, Leak testing, Fire Retardancy, Compressibility, Flow Rate testing, Physical Property Measurement, Environmental Accelerated Life testing.

Example Machines: Gasket Material Compressibility / Seal Tester, Automated Plastic Melt-Flow (Plastometer), Environmental Switch tester, Door Handle Accelerated Life Tester.

Laminating Machinery

Features: Continuous Feeding Web, Discrete Panel Handling, Automatic Cutting and Folding.

Example Machines: Room Divider Fire Stop Laminator, Fabric Laminator, Corrugated Material Laminator, Multi-Ply Tissue Machine.
Click to watch laminator video

Volumetric Filling Machines

Fill To Weight Machines, and Metered Filling Machines.

Features: Automatic Volumetric Filling, Low viscosity fluid metered dispensing, lotion filling, Fill to weight powder and grease dispensing.

Example Machines: Cyanoacrylate (Super Glue™) Filling, Sun Tan Lotion Bottle Filling Machine, Liquid Insect Repellent filling and capping machine.

Welding and Joining Machinery

Features: Ultrasonic product assembly, Induction curing process, Resistance welding operations, Impulse sealing.

Example Machines: Solenoid Valve Seal induction cure, Ultrasonic Bedpan Welder, Ultrasonic Switch assembly machine, Poly Glove Finger Impulse sealer.

Medical Grade Plastic Web Converting Machines

Features: Continuous web transport, Heat sealing, Impulse Sealing, Filter media punching and Ultrasonic welding.

Example Machines: Surgical disposable cup (Bag in a box) machine, Filter punch/weld machine, Filter material pleater, Filter element solvent welder.

Web Inspection

Features: Tension control, Unwind and rewind stands, Machine vision, Back lighting, Fluorescence measurement, Manual Inspection tables.

Example Machines: Medical mesh inspection system, Filter Element inspection station, Photometric reflectivity table.

Motor and Pump Testing

Features: Power Consumption, Flow measurement, Pressure verification, pump curve verification, data logging.

Example Machines: Hydronic Heating Pump testing, Fire System Quality Control tester, Pump Head Simulation Tester.

Cannula Tip Grinding

Features: Bulk Rotary Grinding process.

Example Machines: Cannula tip grinder (Adjustable gauge and length), Needle Assembly machine, Hub Cannula Flow Tester.

Packaging Machinery

Example Machines: Blister Package Loading and sealing machine, Plastic Silverware bulk package Machine, Hardware kit check weigh and bag machine, Hardware kit vision inspetion and boxing machine. Doboy Horizontal Wrapper Loader.

Panel Cutting and Forming Equipment

Features: Heat Forming, Vacuum Forming, Hydraulic Press, Heat Cutting, Die Cutting.

Example Machines: Automotive Door Panel Option Cutout Machine, Headline Assembly Machine.

Pass Through Ovens

Features: Electric Heating, PID Temperature Control, Zone Control.

Example Machines: Panel drying machine, Shrink wrap oven, Paint flash off oven, Contact Cement curing oven.

Fabrication Service

Features: Steel Weldments, Precision assembly.

Pin Insertion Machines

Features: Precision pin feeding, Pin forming, Pin cutting, Single point pin stitching, multi layer gang pin insertion, overmolding pin loading.

Example Machines: Overmold Pin Loader, Automotive connector insertion, Solder connector DB pin insertion machine, 90° Pin insertion machine.

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