Manufacturing Solutions, Inc. provides consulting services to help solve your product and manufacturing needs. By drawing on our multi-disciplined staff’s training and our cross-industry expertise we are able to offer you a knowledge base second to none.

  1. Consulting
    Our consultation services can help you in the areas of:

    • Cost reduction
    • Quality improvement
    • Productivity improvement
    • Process conceptualization
    • Feasibility and justification studies
    • Project bailouts
  2. Mechanical engineering / SolidWorks™pic_24
    Let us design your machinery and products. We use state of the art SolidWorks™ solid modeling software. Assembled models, detailed drawings, and bill of materials can be generated.
  3. Controls Engineering / Programmingpic_25
    Working with most industrial controllers, we bring expertise in system design, panel building, and programming for PLC controls, motion controls, PC based controls, and operator interface.
  4. Retrofitting and Rebuildingpic_26
    Have an outdated machine? Bought a machine on auction? Let us retrofit and rebuild it to modern standards and performance. We offer full mechanical and electrical retrofits as well as modifications such as adding additional operation stations.
  5. Designer Build Services
    Machine designers, we will build your designs to your specifications. We will work with your staff to build your products and equipment to your designs.
  6. Model Shoppic_27
    Our expert machinists and technicians are happy to work with your designs and staff to create prototypes and help in the debugging of your products. We utilize all modern manufacturing technologies including CNC machining, sheet metal fabrication, and conventional techniques.
  7. pic_26
  8. Product Manufacturing
    Our manufacturing and automation background gives us the unique ability to perform low and mid volume manufacturing for your project. We are able to quickly and efficiently set up and run various manufacturing models from hand assembled short runs to mid volume year to year production.